Sublime Bliss

if i never let go, only god knows where i would be now.



From London comes a duo named Wonder Wonder (not to be confused with Wunder Wunder), and the newcomers will be releasing a song a month for the next year, ultimately unveiling their debut album. Body Gold is the very first in this series of tunes, and it’s a gorgeous electronic pop ballad with copious amounts of resonating soulful sentiment. It leaves me very much looking forward to their next release come October 1.


Australian producer Japanese Wallpaper is incredibly skilled at weaving dreamy, magical soundscapes, and the same can be said of his latest, Between Friends, a sparkling, chiming gem that features beautiful vocals by Jesse Davidson. The song is an ethereal and breathtaking experience, replete with sublime blippiness and gorgeous lushness. 


I watched Boyhood the other day and it was one of the best films I think I have ever seen. Amazing production, a very realistic feel, and, importantly, a great soundtrack.